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The book is being sold on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis and all proceeds from the sale of books through this website will go directly to Food Hub projects. You will be given an option to choose which Food Hub project you wish to support when you get to the checkout page.

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Pay as you feel; a note from the author

My main purpose for writing this book was to share what I hope will turn out to be a good idea. As I say in the book itself; ‘If the Local Food Ecosystem concept really does have the potential to help the fight against climate change it would be irresponsible not to share it’. We therefore wanted this book to be as accessible as possible. To this end we have decided to sell it on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis. 

I also believe that the ‘knowledge commons’ is an important element of a fairer and more distributed economy. I would like to make this book my contribution to that. You can therefore purchase a physical copy of the book for what it cost to produce (around £5), or download an audible version for free.

The book is also being sold to raise money for Food Hub projects. So even though you can get a free copy, I do hope you will consider paying a little more to support a worthy cause.

If you do decide to go for the ‘cost price’ or ‘free’ version then, in the spirit of the ‘knowledge commons’, perhaps you to contribute to our cause another way, by recommending the book to your friends or giving me credit if you make use of the ideas contained within the book.

A note about postage and packaging

In the spirit of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle, copies of the book purchased on this website will be dispatched in recycled cardboard that was originally used to deliver eggs to Cambridge Organic. This not only saves resources, it also means buyers of the book are not charged for packaging.

Books are sent by standard Royal Mail 2nd class post as a ‘large letter’ and should arrive 3-5 days after ordering. Please contact us directly if you wish for alternative postal services (e.g. overseas posting or special delivery), or if you wish to purchase the book in volume.

Members of the Cambridge Organic box scheme can order copies via the Cambridge Organic website, in which case the book will be delivered with the veg box and postage will not be charged.

Local Food Ecosystems  •  About

Foreward by Tony Juniper

Tony Juniper CBE is a campaigner, writer, sustainability adviser and a well-known British environmentalist. For more than 35 years he has worked for change toward a more sustainable society at local, national and international levels. From providing ecology and conservation experiences for primary school children, making the case for new recycling laws, to orchestrating international campaigns for action on rainforests and climate change, his work has sought change at many levels.

Tony Juniper is someone I have admired for many years, both for his outstanding work as an environmental campaigner, and also as co-author of the book that has inspired the concept of the Local Food Ecosystem. Having a foreword written by Tony at the beginning of this book is a terrific honour for me and I would like to thank him enormously. – Duncan


The Harmony Project

Created in 2018, The Harmony Project recognises the impact of human activity on the natural world, and humankind’s increasing disconnection from Nature. But the Project is founded on the strongly held belief that the solutions to these problems are close at hand. By learning from Nature about principles that maintain balance, well-being and Harmony – and from studying the teachings of timeless wisdom and traditions – we are able to create healthier and more sustainable systems, and ways of living and being.

The Harmony Project is embedded within the Sustainable Food Trust (SFT), a charity which is mindful of its deep-rooted educational purpose. The SFT’s wider mission is to promote sustainable practice beyond food and farming, and to nurture a deeper understanding of the impact that the choices we make, and the actions we take, have at a local and a global level.


Tristan Welch

Tristan Welch, is chef and proprietor of one of Cambridge’s most prestigious restaurants: Parker’s Tavern. You may also recognise Tristan from TV shows such as Saturday Kitchen and Snackmasters. In Local Food Ecosystems, Tristan tells us why choosing local ingredients is so important to him. 

Image 1.7 Tristan profile shot

Rosie Sykes

Rosie Sykes is a chef and food writer. As well as working in many renowned restaurants, Rosie has also volunteered for several social food projects that prepare meals for people who might need them, including the Square Food Foundation in Bristol. She plans to start a similar initiative in Cambridge. In Local Food Ecosystems, Rosie tells us about her attitude towards surplus food. 

Image 2.7 Rosie profile shot

David Booth

David Booth is general manager at Cambridge Organic, along with Rob Lasham. In Local Food Ecosystems David tells us how reusable packaging is an inherent feature of the company’s operations, and indeed how the attitude towards empty boxes is indicative of a culture of environmental awareness within the company. 

Image 3.7 David Booth profile shot

Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson is an organic farmer located close to Cambridge. His farm, Waterland Organics, hosts a terrific community-supported agriculture scheme called ‘Cambridge Cropshare’, and also participates in the ‘Green Coffee Shop Scheme’ as a destination for some of the used coffee grounds, which are composted and used as medium for growing oyster mushrooms. 

Image 4.7 Paul profile shot

Heather Sturman

Heather Sturman runs her own small food business, Fen End Country Kitchen, in which she manufactures a range of distinctive preserves and chutneys. In Local Food Ecosystems, Heather tells us how using the Food Hub to distribute her products has enabled her to grow the business. 

Image 5.8 Heather profile shot

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